THE BOX embodies a new vision on fitness. A place that inspires women and men to achieve the best version of themselves, both physically as mentally, in an unique, positive and luxurious atmosphere.

Live a unique sports experience in an extraordinary place. Discover our immersive universe, go beyond your limits, train to the rhythm of our tailored sounds and our exceptional lighting ambiances and benefit from the expertise of our qualified trainers.

THE BOX is a revolutionary ultra-modern fitness center that appeals to all of your senses. We’re providing the best state-of-the-art sports equipment while offering you an extraordinary experience, where an exciting interplay of lights and punchy clubbing sounds are adjusted to every single workout.

To maximize your results, THE BOX offers you a staff of highly certified coaches, who aim to guide you with a very personal approach. They’ll help you realize your own goals and even pass them, while encouraging you every step of the way. At THE BOX, you’ll see that leaving your comfort zone doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.

A busy schedule, calendars filled with private and professional appointments, the lack of clear instructions and guidance will no longer hold you back from taking the leap and obtaining your goals.

At THE BOX, we know like no other that time efficiency is key! We’ll offer you the opportunity to participate in various workout sessions.

Each of these sessions are perfected to a tee, consisting of 6 rounds of each 6 minutes, so you’ll finally obtain the results you’ve always longed for. Combining the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment with the best coaches, we provide a tailored approach to fitness success that’s about working smarter, not longer.


Looking for an explosive cocktail of weightlifting combined with high intensity cardio and athletics training? Then the BUILD-workout is your cup of tea! This workout draws inspiration from different sport disciplines in a unique way. It prescribes a constantly varied program of physical and weight exercises to improve your strength, power, endurance, stamina, flexibility, agility, accuracy, speed, coordination and balance.


You like it fast and furious? Come and join our BURN-workout and be ready to sweat during this high intensity cardio interval training, where you’ll lose up to 1000 calories! Our coach will push you to your fullest potential during this workout-madness, while ensuring you have the perfect form and technique. This workout focuses on optimizing your body’s ability to slim down and lose body fat at all the desired areas while preserving your lean muscle.


Have you always dreamed of toning and building your booty ? This one is specially dedicated to those of you looking for a perky peachy booty! Be prepared to participate in this badass booty-boosting workout, where all the focus is centered on the strengthening and toning of your glutes and lower body area. You’ll be kicking your rear into gear under the watchful eye of one of our coaches. This workout is going to be your booty’s new BFF! This workout aims to sculpt, lift, and define your glutes but will also stabilize your pelvis, prevent lower back pain, and balance out your lower body.


You want to unleash the beast in you? Sign up for our intense BEAT-workout where you can relieve your stress even on the most frustrating days. You will be guided by our coach during a blasting session of boxing exercises, all choreographed with the best bouncy music beats. During this session, you’ll be engaging in a full body workout, focusing on technique, agility, balance, speed and strength! Are you up for the challenge to knock down your fitness goals? This workout is all about strengthening your core muscles, back, and legs, while boosting your endurance level and improving your balance.


We provide a space for you to work on and improve your skills independently. No matter what your level or goals are, our trainers will be there to advise you and help you reach your desired goal, any time of day!

Besides our different workout sessions, THE BOX also provides you with an airy and spacious open gym area, where all of our cutting edge sports equipment are at your free disposal. Come and discover our open gym, where you can work out permanently and at your own pace. Our open gym offers you the perfect setting to improve your skills independently and in all serenity.

Unsure of what workout you should be following for the goal you are striving towards? Our coach will be there to assist you step-to-step.


Still wanna go the extra mile? THE BOX’s got you covered! Our center also disposes of an airy and modern open gym area, where you can develop your skills and challenge yourself even more!

Are you looking for a full body transformation or are you interested in enhancing your training even more? Our experts are dedicated to helping you every step of the way. Highly-skilled and knowledgeable in sport, health, nutrition and well-being, they will guide you throughout your personal fitness-journey. They will handpick a personal fitness and nutrition program, and will offer you the kind of tuition that makes the difference. Be ready to change your lifestyle-habits for good and finally obtain your fullest potential!

At THE BOX, we redefine your perception of personal training, making it unforgettable, fun and effective.